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Archery has become a sport which everyone wants to try out, be it at carnivals, or fests or any adventure sport arenas. It is a very engaging, stimulating and exciting hobby to partake in and leave us with the feeling of having indulged in a task set aside only for warriors and professionals!
It basically entails shooting arrows using a bow at a target and requires high levels of aptitude at aiming correctly. It also helps in developing our body strength since a lot of power is required to propel the arrows as far as required.

The thrill of this sport comes from the fact that though in today`s age it is played as a competitive sport and is categorised as a recreational activity, historically, it was deemed a task performed by huntsmen and by individuals partaking in heavy combat! And so, the people who indulge in archery experience a very rare feeling of power and raw talent.

A good bowman is a person known by his aim and archery teaches you just that. It instils the importance of focussing on your target and in turn teaches you the value of determined and focussed efforts towards achieving all your goals! It also teaches us the importance of not only looking at those aspects that make us succeed but also give time to those activities which make us the person we are. Because a good archer realises the importance of the steady bow in his hand as much as he knows the role of the arrow which flies to the target.

People passionate about this activity will definitely find it to be relaxing and find their time passing away swiftly amidst the zooming arrows! It provides the enthusiasts with something they will never find anywhere else. And simultaneously, the biggest lesson archery teaches us all is that even though life at times might feel hard and seem like everything is pulling us back, it is all an important aspect of living a happy life. After all, just as an arrow needs to be pulled back across the bow string to shoot out towards its target, similarly, we must face hardships to succeed in life!

So pick up your bow and arrow and get ready to hit the bull`s eye, right where it counts!

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