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Before humans began synthesising materials and creating the concrete jungles which we now reside in, our abode used to be amidst the trees, under the stars and with the wildlife surrounding us. But today`s scenario has separated us from the natural aspects our earth provides us with. But that`s where camping comes to our rescue.

The moment we think about camping, our mind is filled with the imagery of a tent built on a secluded land, enclosed, as much by the foliage, as by the bountiful, bright stars. Add to that the experience of breathing in fresh air as we rejoice the company of our friends and family, which so often gets diluted because of the various distractions in our lives; camping truly takes us back in time and memory.

Some people might hesitate to venture onto a camping trip because of the inconvenience they expect to face; when forced to relieve themselves, hidden behind bushes, or even because of the lack of availability of good food. However, with the growth of camping as an adventure sport in India, facilities tackling these problems in camp sites have become all too common. Experienced professionals are available to guide you through this adventure and provide you with all your requirements to remove the tiresome tasks from your experience.

Some might say that this adulterates the true experience of camping, but to each his own! For all those spontaneous people who are willing to experiment with the unassisted way of living in the woods, there are many spots across India which can provide you with the full-blown experience of camping.

But, whichever route one chooses, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that when you step out of your tents and caravans, you will experience nature to the fullest. And as you hear the soothing songs of the river, the chirps of the birds and the voices of various tiny creatures by your side, you will become completely at one with the nature. This is the experience to connect you to the early ways of our ancestors. And as you sit around the bonfire, with sparkling eyes, sharing forgotten stories, you will feel all your worries vanishing away and realize that the memories spent under the sky will stay with you forever.

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