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As we all look back at the wistful memories of our childhood, the one that pops out into most of our minds would be that of cycling down the lanes with our friends, racing and dodging the passerby and enjoying the wind in our hair.

Cycling has never just been a means of transport. Our experience with the bicycle begins with the warmth of our parents or close relatives urging our trust into their hands as we learn how to pedal down the roads, first with them balancing us, and gradually without their support. Then this new friend becomes our partner while we race against our friends, and over the years, as we traverse into further lands. This activity is not merely a provider of transportation, but also a way of travelling and experiencing the world with a new perspective. Those who indulge in this heartening activity would realise how time flies by as one steers across changing streets, crowded by as many a vehicles as people. And how, this simple activity can force us to slow down in our fast paced lives and give ourselves the moment of peace and introspection that everyone requires.

Moreover, it adds to our health and well-being by nurturing a habit of engaging in an exercise which is as advantageous as it is exciting. Bikers who have the will to challenge the uneven paths and adventurous trails that lay abundant in our country are able to feel a rush of adrenalin in their body and re-live the excitement again and again as they cycle on daunting terrains. Just as any passion which fastens our heart rates, cycling too poses a few risks. But by taking important safety measures and precautions, we can lessen these risks drastically.

Just as John F. Kennedy said, "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike." As soon as one begins the endeavour to seat themselves on a cycle and pedal towards a healthier and happier life, it becomes a hobby that pleases and soothes them. All you need are a couple moments, a bicycle and you are set to go. Because as is said, just like with all the good things in the world, you never forget how to ride a bike!

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Sakshi Mendiratta

Memories of my childhood days are still vivid. It was a joyous evening, all the children of my neighbourhood including me had gathered in the colony to energise and rejuvenate ourselves after a long tiring day at school. Going to the playground and enjoying on the swings, playing kho- kho, stapoo, lock & key had become a pilgrimage for us kids back then. And not to forget 'cycling' which triggered the battle between the girls and boys. That day also like all other days we decided to have a cycling race between the girls and the boys. Bustling with energy the boys were geared upon their Hero bicycles and the girls were ready to ace this race on their pink ladybird cycles. High on spirits and beaming with energy I was super ready to take the flight on my bicycle but within seconds of my much hyped take off, I fell into the drain. With mud all over my face, bruises on my hands and legs, I went home weeping. Sadly the cycling competition came to an end there itself. But this mishap didn't stop me from hopping on the bicycle and riding it again. Two years post the unusual 'falling in the drain' incident, I was back again with the bicycle but this time I was a passenger on the back seat. But who knew that this bicycle ride would also add a bizarre memory in my bike kitty My foot got stuck in the rear wheel, entangled in the chains of the bicycle and gushing out blood. Is it that I have some kind of rotten chemistry with bicycles? Yes, I do. Cycling and I are jinxed. And this incident proved it right. My parents gifted me a bicycle on my tenth birthday but little did I know that my happiness for a new bicycle was short lived. Within a week, my bicycle was stolen. Cursing my stars or thanking them for saving me from yet another bicycle accident?? - Sakshi Mendiratta

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