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Fishing is the best activity to allow time for yourself with peace and tranquility wrapping you in their warmth, allowing you to introspect and enjoy the stillness in a chaotic lifestyle. Fishing involves various technicalities which one must be aware of before they indulge in the activity, especially pertaining to the tools required to fish. But however complex the learning process must seem, it is very simple and easy to pick up.

Fishing involves various techniques such as hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping. Though other methods are highly effective, angling is the activity which can be easily pursued as a hobby. Angling means using a hook to catching a fish with the means of an angle i.e. a fish hook. It requires immense amount of patience to allow for the fish to be drawn to the hook. But this allows enough time to indulge in some soulful thinking.

The biggest advantage of taking up fishing as your hobby is that it is a very calming pursuit and allows for time away from the hectic schedules and monotonous lifestyle that we lead in today`s time. As rightly said by Ted Hughes, `Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way`. It takes us back to the simpler times without any technology and busy schedules. It helps us meditate and connects us back to the way we were, way before the tides turned. It allows us to discover ourselves beyond our ordinary selves and recover our truest thoughts and purest desires.

There is no simpler way to spend your day. Add to the experience the company of a loved one, and the entire day will become one of the bests that you can remember forever. Fishing takes you away from the meager, rootless lives we lead and instills in our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. For even though we might not catch a fish, but we definitely won`t return empty handed. As the day`s memory and the plentiful realizations we make will be the best gifts we can hook onto the life`s hook and carry around for eternity!

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