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Whoever invented the sport of Paintball has to have been a genius and all those who have played the game would agree with this statement. It comprises of all the elements required to make a fun-filled adventure. The combination of paint pellets, a battle scenario and the opportunity to raise some hell, renders it as the most exciting and exuberant experience ever!

Paintball is a relatively new endeavour in India but has already amassed a large number of fans and loyal customers, especially amongst the young generation. It is a perfect scenario to build rapport, make new friends and simply spark up the day. The main attraction comes from the fact that there are no rules in the game, apart from those which you and your friends might make up on the spot! But that doesn`t mean that your safety is not of any concern. Most places offer you safety equipment and a suit to protect you from the pellets that shoot out of the `paintball marker`, and hence minimise the risks greatly, especially when compared to other adventure sports.

Families will surely enjoy this activity and find it to be one of those few experiences you can enjoy together. It proves to be a good ground for building relationships and strengthening bonds in the pretext of engaging in a battle of colours.

Paintball has also been proven to be a great exercise to improve communication and cooperation. Since it asks for coordination between team members when in a paintball `war` with the other team, this experience brings people closer by making them indulge in an activity which is engaging as well as interactive.

And there is no doubt that this game will be loved by all, especially in India, where Holi, the festival of colours, continues to win hearts and unify people each and every year. For all that paintball is, is water balloons replaced with paint pellets being shot out of a makeshift gun!

However, the best aspect of paintball has to be the pure joy and release of emotions; as it allows us to be unabashedly fierce in our demeanour and remove the frustrations of our long days and simply fire away, to douse our friends and family in an array of colours, while they do the same to us, and mark our day with uncontrollable laughter and persistent smiles. Because that`s all you need and hope for, at the end of the day!

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