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Paragliding is one of those very few activities which enthrals you and through which you can experience the freedom of flight and complete abandonment.

It involves the pilot being harnessed to a paraglider which is light-weight and with no rigid structure which gets lifted up with the wind to great heights without the use of any source of power or without even an engine! The shape of the paraglider allows for the air and the wind to act as its propellers and it allows the pilot to fly at high altitudes and cover large distances easily.

Nervous flyers can be accompanied by professionals however with proper training one can partake in this endeavour as the sole pilot. The feeling one experiences is unaccountable and needs to be experienced personally in order to understand its true potential. However, for the curious souls, this sport enables people to experience a few moments which closely resemble the experience of a bird soaring high above with wind gushing all around! It makes your heart beat faster than ever as you try to adjust to this newfound adventure and cope with the experience you are engaging in. It leaves all with their hair swept by the wind, racing heart beats and a host of memories of a bundle of sights and experiences.

Safety is a huge concern and thus the equipment used must be completely up to mark. Another concern is in relation to the control that one must master over the equipment in order to manoeuvre effectively in the wind and direct the paraglider to the right spots.

Paragliding has also become a competitive sport with various cross-country flying competitions, aerobic competitions etc. being held organized in various areas. The enthusiastic paragliders are enriched with new experiences they face with each new flight and come back to tell new stories and revelations that they made. After all, no number of flights can ever count for more than enough.

So for all those who are willing to take a risk and indulge themselves in a soaring activity which will take them to new heights and greater adventures, paragliding is a must! It will give you with a host of remembrances to celebrate over and over again. And once you partake in this escapade, you will for sure come back, craving for more!

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