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Rappelling is thoroughly enjoyable, exciting and sometimes even a tad bit scary! Though it is generally required as a part of climbing and trekking, it is enjoyed as an individual adventure sport too and can be experienced in a well secured area.

Rappelling deals with an individual being harnessed around the waist who climbs down a steep surface such as a rock or mountain with the help of a rope. Those who have taken part in this adventure know that though at first this task can seem daunting, over time it becomes less mentally taxing and can even prove to be relaxing!

The security in such cases needs to be well-established and the equipment must be in proper condition. The instructor also helps and teaches you the techniques of efficiently operating the rope which leads you downward. Proper implementation of these instructions becomes crucial and is highly important.

Rappelling is highly exciting since it gives you the ability to perceive your surrounding from a new perspective. It kicks in your adrenalin and fills you up with the excitement which is so rare to find in our daily lives. It also allows you to try something new every time you indulge in it, be it because of the different surrounding or merely because of the unique experience it provides you with. The sense of adventure is at its peak when we are swinging by the rope, supported by the harness, and peak down at our destination. Those afraid of height might at first get jarred by the view, but if you keep in mind that it`s the journey that matters and focus on each step at a time, it will become a less intimidating task. And the mixture of emotions one experiences once you reach the bottom is unaccountable. Only those who have experienced it can revel in it!

To all those who are looking for some adventure in their lives which takes you to the nature and brings you closer to your life and yourself, this is the best activity to partake in. It`s only a matter of a rope, a harness and some courage and the output of it all will be nothing short of amazing!

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