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Trekking has been the purpose of human life since the pre-historic times. Humans were meant to voyage across strange lands to find new homes and continue to find newer ones still. However, in our static and stagnant lives, we rarely have the time to go discover new paths and territories. But it becomes important for us to not live our lives trapped within any boundaries and instead determine our own paths and uncover what we haven`t seen.

Trekking is much more than simply taking a walk in strange areas. It has to do more with the very act of discovery than with the physical activity of walking. It doesn`t necessarily relate to mountaineering though it is a part of the adventure. But it involves covering as much distance as you can amongst the nature, relishing the novel introductions to your life!
Trekking also connects you to the very person you are. It uncovers the layers of superficiality that we all wear as we continue to uncover new terrains. It is an enriching activity which connects us to the world we live in as much it does to ourselves.

One by-product of Trekking is that it makes us into healthier people. Though the motivation behind this activity is not to become fitter, but it surely does do just that! People who have taken out the time to treat themselves to this experience have returned with a renewed vigour for life, a refreshed perception and amazing memories captured on their cameras!
The factors which must not be ignored are regarding the equipment which must be carried along. A simple backpack containing appropriate clothing, food suitable for your conditions, a first aid kit, a sleeping system should suffice. Varying upon the skill of the trekker, one must also carry certain survival gears to be on the safer side.

Trekking offers one of the best memories we can create for ourselves. It allows us to unearth unseen sights and revel in the beauty of the magnificence we would have missed out on if we never took the risk. Because life is nothing if not lived to the fullest!

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Mohit Dakhane

So, It was a rainy day when I along with my hostel mates, left from mumbai towards Karjat for a trekking adventure. This time it was the Maharashtra's highest peak, Kalsubai. Talking about Kalsubai, it is 5400ft (approximately 1.6km) above the sea level and is located at the village Bari, Igatpuri. The roads were all covered with the mist resembling pure white cottons. Trusting the bus driver was a tough decision to make but he turned out to be an experienced one and got us there safely. It was around 12 am in the night when we reached the base camp. We had food and rested till 4 am. As the dawn appeared, we eagerly started hiking slowly at first. The path to reach the peak is about 4kms. Hiking across beautiful fountains, small rivers and seductive nature we got a lot of motivation to proceed a bit faster. The rains also accompanied us along but couldn't hold us. The path was now slippery and sometimes we had to literally crawl to head on. The beauty of nature was the biggest influence to sacrifice everything. After about 2 hours we reached half way where there were two paths. As we, a group of 7-8, were moving faster than rest of the people of group, unknowingly took the shorter and extremely dangerous one. It lead to a dead end from where the scenery was horribly amazing. We somehow found another way which was the only option. Moving ahead we realized that the path leads to a more steep way. Moving back down was no option, a single slip would have thrown one right away to the heavens. We were very much scared until we heard some voices. In the hope of getting along with others we started heading up slowly and very carefully. Finally we reached the desired path and continued to hike further. The scenery made us all dumb stuck. We reached to a level where we saw rains pouring below us, we were seemingly above the seventh heaven. We were all drenched because of the continous rains, so we kept our mobile phones safely inside the bags and couldn't take much photographs. While we were close to the final destination, a thought stuck me, are we going to make it to the base ever? Finally we reached the peak. A small temple of Kalsubai Devi is situated up there. Nothing was visible as mists ate up all the view, though, the feeling was just thrilling. We were wet and cold, didn't know it would be that cold to wear wind cheaters and jackets. We sat there, with hands turning yellow, mists setting on beards and moustaches as if they're frozen, the whole body shaking, but still sat there and experienced the thrill. Climbing down was more difficult than climbing up. It took us nearly 4 hours to reach the base when we saw a small river that lured us to dive into it. It well sucked all the tiredness and pains gained along the trek. Then we had our food and left for Mumbai. Sleeping all the way long, finally reached home. This adventure was one of the most amazing thing happened to me. It gave me the best memories which I can barely afford to forget. I will probably never want to go back there again, though I would be much eager to share this trip with my grandchildren.

Diksha Gupta

This story is mine, north Indian student studying in Maharashtra away from home. Missing hussle of metropolitan's fast life specially Delhi metro and food. After a nostalgic year, here came the chance of staying back in Delhi for 2 months to complete my summer internship project. After rigorous searches, I finally select the company to spend my 2 months with. All going smoothly except the high temperature which turns Delhi into a furnace. Out of the sudden, an announcement was made in office by HR - "All arrangement for trip to Haatu Peak is done, Please acknowledge on mail". These few words brought peace to my mind and joy to my heart. Finally, I will be on vacations with people who speak same language as I do and has similar food preferences. Day arrived ! woollens packed and laptops crumbled into office lockers. All excited to arrive to their new home of short duration. short as 3 days. Haatu peak elevation of 3400 m/12000 ft above sea level and is the highest summit in Shimla/Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh. We reached Shimla during late night though nothing was vividly visible but we could see hazy curvy roads and moonlight shiny greeny trees on hills. Beauty of that small houses on the hills with beam of moonlight is inexpressible. Reached our camp in Haatu peak at 4 in the morning and took quick rest to wake up fresh in morning as we planned to head towards temple tracking which was 4km away. We all were super enthusiastic and reached our destination within 1.5 hour. Everything was going as per plan. Everyone enjoyed, so guide (Sachin) recommended us to track to apple orchids. Who knew real fun packet is not yet opened. Every one woke up with revitalised heart and soul. Me and my mentor came out of our room and start to manipulate that to which peak around us Sachin is going to take us today. We were chit chatting suddenly another colleague bumped in and guessed that the peak with some white cover all over is apple orchids and probably guide may take us there. Never ending discussion was going on between three of us when voice with high energy came from boss's room " hurry up guys, Sachin is here to take us, pull up or socks and tighten your belts real fun is yet to come". We reacted to that uproar with full liveliness. Had breakfast and surrounded Sachin for briefing. He instructed not to touch and plant, hands should be free and to hydrate our body at regular interval. For first one hour everything was fine. Jumping through extended tree branches, slipping little, crawling under branches, clicking photos and giggling through out the que of 15 people could be heard and observes. First guy in the row saw greeny meadow with horses roaming and having their food. He transfer the scene description to entire row behind and tiredness of entire team just zooped away. Sachin asked to sit and enjoy the serenity of meadow. Few people clicked photos, few were playing and rest were teasing, laughing and having fun. Suddenly, gun fire sound was heard from another peak and Sachin asked us to rush. All got frightened, within few second whole trip turned into nightmare but boss kept calm and asked Sachin about that sound and did not made opinion like others that it is gun shot. Sachin told him that villagers are shooting helium gass in air to avoid sleet shower as rain is about to pour. Everybody took deep breath on listening to Sachin and mocked on themselves for their stupid reaction. Now real fun packet got opened up. Thin drop to thick drop with ever increasing high intensity began to touch everybody’s body and its beauty was touching everybody’s soul. Each member began to run through extremely narrow muddy path, slipping, standing, helping, running knowing not where to reach. During all this, Sachin told us about small hut which he has build himself where he take tourist in similar rainy situations. We all somehow manged to reached there all drenched in rain. Cigarettes proved to be life saving drug that time. Till we all smoked rained stopped and again headed towards apple orchids. Till now way became another level slippery and path turned narrower and narrower with cactus stem herbs making our journey more adventurous. For next 2 hours we walked on those tiny mud way. Hurting our bumbs, getting pinched with cactus and our eyes searching road by the side of apple orchids.

Kshitij Sahu

“Job fill your pocket, adventure fill your soul.” The train arrived in time and we got into the compartment. We arranged all our luggage and occupied our seats. The TTE came and sat beside us. We introduced ourselves. He was very pleased to see us on tour to Nainital. He gave us some important tips while visiting Nainital. He advised to get down at Haldwani in stead of Kathgodam as it would be cheaper. He guided in a nice way, we could have been cautious and could have saved money by following his guidance. Early in the morning we got down at Haldwani Station and from there we came to Nainital by car. We stayed in a hotel just up the main road. The rent was a little bit higher. Nainital is considered as one of the most beautiful hill stations of India. It is situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, head quarter of the district, the summer capital of the Governer at 8580 ft. above the sea level. It was founded and constructed in 1841 during the British regime. During Summer Vacation parents with their families preferred to visit this place and enjoy with their children. Some tourists liked to visit in winter seasons to enjoy snow falls.

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