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Calligraphy is a very interesting activity which deals with writing. But the unique part is that the appreciation in this art is not for what is written but how it is written. Calligraphy is an art of writing even the simplest thing in a visually attractive way.

Calligraphy requires the use of a pen or a brush to elicit an easy flow writing. The pen or brush being used can be of any type, be it a quill, ink brush, dip pen, or any other tool but the result that counts is that of getting a written output which is visually appealing.

The best part about taking part in this hobby is that one can have a bad handwriting but that need not stop you from indulging in the art of calligraphy. Instead, by learning the tricks used in calligraphy one can easily reform their normal handwriting!

When one begins to learn this art, they are trained to write the alphabets and numbers in order to incorporate the write techniques. By learning the very basics one can excel at this art and develop this talent effectively. The best part of learning this craft is that one can use this talent to write beautiful letters and impress one`s loved ones with hand-written notes! The intricate writing makes the readers focus not only on what has been written but also on the beauty of the style it has been written in. It gives an old-time feel and builds a feeling of nostalgia which helps in bringing you closer to your friends and family!

Calligraphy can make a random statement look beautiful and thus helps in improving the first impression one makes. It can come in handy in any field, all one needs to do is effectively incorporate it in their lives.

It also takes away our attention from the mundane tasks and instead helps us rejoice in the simple yet engaging act of creating beautiful visual and verbal art! So all those who wish to take a breather and indulge in an entertaining activity which not only helps you develop a new talent but also take you away from the stressful situation by allowing you to express yourself in a productive way; pick up your pens and treat yourself to the world of Calligraphy.

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Shivangi Juneja

Hobbies are an integral part of everyone's life. With the increasing trends,hobbies are now a successful profession. One now chooses the profession which is his passion too. Calligraphy is one of those Hobbies. Calligraphy is an art of giving a style and attraction to words and writing. It makes a boring word or sentence look attractive and lively. Calligraphy is much popular among youngsters with creative minds. For an attractive calligraphy, one need a pen,ink or brush and a creative mind. Not only on papers,it can be done on walls,clothes and more other things.Calligraphy can be done according to themes too which are in trend. Calligraphy has become the essence of most business organisations. As they are much aware of the sales of their products,they focus on making them attractive for the consumers. They hire specialists to get this job done. Thus,calligraphists make huge money by just giving a new form to words. This Hobby is now gaining appreciation in most fields. Educational Institutions too conduct competitions to encourage the art of writing among students. This is where students get to know about their inner passion and talent. Calligraphy is an art where you do not have to invest. Its just pick up a pen and let your creativity fly high. This art of writing can take you at heights. Whatever you write, write it with your soul. Remember, whenever you work with your soul, you never fail, instead you create magic. Calligraphists around the world are now an inspiration for young minds. Writing in Bolds and Italics are now a far away talk. The trend is what you can create with words which attracts every eye. Calligraphy as a hobby is reaching out many hearts. At the most, this art of writing will never ever go off-trend and will shine bright forever. Article by- Shivangi Juneja Aspirant Intern.