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Mural art is a very special form of art. Because unlike other paintings and crafts, this is meant to be in the eye of the public, and not hidden away like most paintings are for private viewing.

The main characteristic of a mural art is that it is either directly painted or applied on the walls or on a large permanent space. And since they are painted on a surface viewed by so many people it either reflects the feelings, thoughts and ideas of the painter or is meant to either consciously or sub-consciously influence the viewers.

Another interesting aspect that makes it so different is that the elements of the architecture on which it is being painted are amalgamated in the art. This means that the painter doesn`t just paint on the structure but also uses the structure effectively. A new form of mural painting has begun which is painted onto tiles. This allows the painter to work on a smaller scale and still have a permanent figure as their canvas.

Murals have also begun to be combined with other elements in order to develop 3D murals. By using things like glass, clay and wood, one can paint it and thus form 3D murals. This same technique is used to make certain decorative items such as keychains, name plates etc.

With so many applications and interesting ways to incorporate this art into our lives, mural painting definitely is a new activity to be tried by interested painters and amateurs. It allows for you to experience a new activity while submitting yourself to a world of creativity and production. This is a very good task for people who would like to make time to do something apart from their usual jobs and duties and instead indulge in a more creative field.

Murals are a great way of expressing yourself and outing this thought to your friends and family. It allows you to display yourself and your art in your own house and thus display your talent as a decoration! It is a great escape to the land of exceptional beauty and lets you rejuvenate your resources effectively. So pick up your brushes and get ready to pamper yourself with mural art painting!

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