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Pottery is an art moulded by our hands and mind. It represents a life in itself, transforming from clay into ceramic figurines, guided by our directions and hardened under heat. It engages us in an active task of forming something off of our own creativity and imagination while relieving our mind of the worries of our day. It was the first ever synthetic material to be made by humans, but since those pre-historic times, pottery has transformed itself into a recreational activity which so many people wish to engage in.

The reason we are attracted to Pottery is because of how the simple task of moulding clay can even enable amateurs to create beautiful models, all this, while having fun! For all those who love creating, fashioning and developing unique and self-designed products, the process of pottery will be a very enriching experience.

Here is a list of things one must remember while getting into pottery:
-Be ready to get your hands dirty! A potter can be easily recognised by their muddy hands, an excited demeanour and a patient resolve. So it is best to be prepared for some mud-full madness as you delve into the world of clay.
-There can be times when you might be frustrated with your early attempts, but the potter`s wheel will always come to your rescue; as its rhythmic, circular motions give you peace and the much needed moment to yourself.
-It`s all in your hands...literally! You can conjure up any figure in your mind, and all you need is for your hands to guide the image from your mind into the clay as you mould and shape it into a figure almost, if not exactly, as the one you had pictured.
-Pottery is much more than just a leisure activity. It gives you the time to abandon all second thoughts and give yourself in to a world of gratifying creativity. Not to forget the beautiful gifts and presents you own creations can prove to become in the future!

All in all, taking up pottery as a hobby can liven up any dull day with a hint of mud and tonne of creativity by your side. It provides the much needed break from our daily work and to an extent connects us back to our early way of life and living by providing the opportunity to feel the workings of a historic time while simultaneously linking us to our tradition, culture and the imagination that continues to persist within us, despite the monotony of our daily lives!

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