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Bharatanatyam is a highly expressive form of dance which originated in the southern part of India and has now become very popular amongst both men and women alike despite having originated as a dance style performed solely by women.

Bharatanatyam`s most prevalent characteristics are the extensive use of sign language and facial expressions to denote the thoughts and the bent legs and amazing footwork which highlights the movement of the dancers. A unique feature is that the singer and the musician are present during the performance and the Guru of the performer acts as the conductor. This illustrates the deep bond that is a result of practicing this style of dancing.

The use of facial expressions and hand gestures go hand in hand with the music to convey the essence of the story to the audience. There are various technicalities and aspects attached to Bharatanatyam which makes it very complex and thus requires the patience and dedicated involvement of the dancer. But the experience is highly satisfying and soulful and connects you in a wholesome manner to the dance form and to yourself. No wonder Bharatanatyam has become the most popular classical dance form in India and continues to grow in its popularity even globally!

Bharatanatyam has been recognized as a source of spiritual elevation as it connects both the dancer and the audience to the divine beauty that is all around us. In this sense, it proves to be a calming and peaceful activity and thus helps in refreshing and disengaging oneself from the monetary and materialistic lives that we all lead. Another benefit that it offers is that it makes the body as well as the mind active and very agile. This is because a Bharatanatyam dancer doesn`t only use their body but also depends on the agility of their mind to remember the mudras and retrieve them at the appropriate times.

Hence, Bharatanatyam which is considered to be a very energizing and spiritual activity, can remove all the stress from a person`s life and instead refocus their attention on the beauty around them and on themselves!

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