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Contemporary dance is relatively new and fresh since its birth in the mid twentieth century and is inspired from various other dance forms such as classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, etc. It is gaining great momentum across the world as people are developing their interest in this style of
dancing and wanting to be trained in this art form.

When one sees performers expressing themselves through contemporary dance, one thing everyone will observe is the unpredictability of the dancer`s movements. The highlight of this art is the presence of an orderly chaos; because what might look to us as being without any form and predictability instead is an amalgamation of highly trained efforts and choreographed movements. And the very fact that the viewers are unaware of how the performance will progress makes it a delectable sight.

Also, in most dance forms there is a close relation between the dance and the music. However, in contemporary dance the dance is independent from the music playing which mainly suffices as a backdrop piece. There is a lot of creative freedom that this dancing style allows to the choreographer and thus the dancers dance just for the pleasure of it and not to be analysed as being accurate in their movements or not.

Nowadays, as we all rush to meet the norms set in our society and our offices, it becomes important that we find a way to relive ourselves from such binds and simply enjoy. Contemporary dance thus proves to be a very apt activity to pick as your hobby and indulge in something that is engaging, healthy and freeing. It will allow you to experience complete abandonment and express yourself and your feelings using your whole body without any subjugations.

Those who haven`t been trained in this dance form need not hesitate and must instead give themselves the opportunity to experience an entirely new world where the mind and body will be connected through the fluidity of the dance movements. And the moment you begin to dance with your heart the movements will freely follow and involve you in a truly unique experience. Because that is all that dancing is about, living your life without any inhibitions and making art out your own body!

Notable Artists
Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Rudolph von Laban, Loie Fuller, Jose Limon, Marie Rambert

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Smita Kumari

As a child I was always found dancing on popular Bollywood songs.I always wanted to be a dancer though I realized it too late.AS you all know dance is a therapy,also I have noticed that one needs to be happy ,open,sensitive and expressive in order to be a good dancer.All art form requires a connection to the ultimate source of energy and for that one needs to be totally vulnerable and ecstasy follows afterwards. I am working on my childhood dream. I do get lot of negative vibes around me about my revived passion.To start with I was negative myself,I was doing everything to stop myself from dancing.But there is something about dance that has always enchanted me.It brings back to me my memories of carefree childhood and dance is the path to visit my childhood again.Friends,It was not easy with the fact that my leg is not so strong,I have injuries which makes it immobile after 15 minutes of practice.I am patient of depression and i take heavy doses of medicines which has made my body plump.I have weak memory the reason I forget most of the steps taught to me. Now what gets me going is my husband,his constant support,love and guidance.I had stopped believing in myself but I don't remember my husband giving up on me even for a second. Friends,money is not everything what these costly medicine were not able to do love,support faith and my hobby has done.I am completely healed.I sleep like a baby..I feel content,happy and excited again . Dance has taken be back to my childhood.Dance..I thank you.:)

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