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Most dance forms develop out of the movements and techniques involved in their style, however Hip Hop is a dancing style which evolved out of the hip-hop culture that began primarily amongst the African-American and Hispanic youth communities.

Hip-Hop is characterised by three major styles; Breaking, Locking and Popping. And as fun as these terms do sound and as entertaining they are to look at, they are just as hard to pick up and master! It requires serious efforts and dedicated attention to get the nuance of this art form perfectly right. And though Hip-Hop might not seem like an easy activity, it is most distinguishable from other dance styles because of the `freestyle` quotient it has attached to itself. The freedom to improvise and infuse one`s own style, ideas and steps makes it a highly energising and refreshing activity. Especially since creative freedom isn`t achievable by many in their lives, this dance form allows for them to bring out their imagination without any fear or restrictions.

Another interesting aspect of Hip-Hop is the immersion of battles and dance competitions as an important aspect. Battling with other dancers in the same field makes the entire experience more enriching and allows for bonding with people with similar tastes and talent. Most might perceive this attribute as highly competitive, however, battling is a holistic experience which doesn`t build enmity but rather breaks down barriers and brings people together. It allows for creative minds to share and challenge each other and thus develop their own skills by incorporating fresh ideas!

Hip-Hop engages the audience with performers and leads to an intimate bond where in the performance and the movements communicate the dancers` thoughts and feelings to those watching. It builds a new form of communication and leave both parties highly entertained and gratified.

Personally, Hip-Hop can prove to be highly satisfying to body and soul, especially for people looking for an outlet to showcase their talents, nurture their creativity, and express themselves without any inhibitions. So if you are one of these people who would like to experience something away from your usual order of life, then it is time to take on the challenge, and begin the battle of Hip-Hop!

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