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Kathak is a beautiful dance form which is one of the many Indian classical dancing styles. The origin of Kathak can be traced back to those northern Indians who used to travel around performing this dance form. They used to be called the Kathakars which translates to the storytellers. Thus, this mode of storytelling they used was this very classical dance. Therefore, the beauty of Kathak lies in the fact that it is an art of relaying stories, some old and many forgotten.

The most evident characteristic of Kathak is the movement of the foot in a fluid rhythmic manner, which are decorated by bells known as Ghungroo. This costume allows the rapid foot movements to create sound which keeps the audience engaged and even transfixed by the beauty of it all. Kathak, since its evolution, has now reached three distinct forms of itself based on the different cities that influenced it-Lucknow, Jaipur and Banaras. But the commonality amongst all these forms is the presence of usage of facial expressions and fluid movements.

Kathak easily brings a new order in the participants` lives and engages them in a new activity which is far from the mundane ones they carry out every day. And though the movements in itself are self-sufficient, the dancers interaction with the audience and the interpretation of the story they tell is very important for the final effect their performance has. Thus, as is the dance form important, the performer also matters equally in making their efforts into a successful performance.

Kathak is a very popular form of dance in India and is enjoyed by many people. Engaging in this style will assure people to meet others with similar tastes and thus bond outside the barriers created by their circumstances. Also, Kathak brings forth a new form of discipline and purpose in people`s lives and makes it more interesting. Also the stories you convey through the movements in Kathak enrich your knowledge base and help change the way you look at your own roots and the world around you. It will surely be an energetic recreational activity which will add to your character and develop your hidden talents. So all those who wish to indulge in this classical form of dance need just put on the Ghungroos and prepare to relay you own stories!

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