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Salsa! The name itself carries a sense of grace, fun and zing with it. And that is all that this dance form is all about. It originated in New York in the 1970 but has accumulated lovers and enthusiastic followers from all over the world. It developed out of a mixture of various dancing styles such as Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, etc. and transformed and evolved to the amazing art it is today.

The most important detail about Salsa is that it is a Social Dance form. Amidst the beats of the salsa music and the crisp and clean movements, there are two people who indulge themselves in a rhythmic performance. One acts as a leader and the other follows the hints to make a successful pairing. This doesn`t necessarily mean that a single individual cannot learn salsa. But it definitely acts as a great place to strengthen bonds, interact with new faces and have fun!

The main characteristics of the movements in Salsa are the footwork and the changing of the weight from one feet to another, during which the upper body remains unaffected. This in turn leads to the beautiful hip-movements. The arms of the dancers act as a tool for communicating details about the upcoming steps; as the `leader` guides the `follower` by opening the arms to welcome turns and twist, or by closing them by placing it on the partner`s back.

There are many such intricacies involved in this style of dancing, however the process of learning Salsa is thoroughly enjoyable and leaves you craving for longer hours on the dance floor. And it becomes even more fun when you have a partner to share the stage with, and sometimes, even your embarrassments too!

And the cherry mounting on the top of this graceful cake is the health benefits it provides. Not only is it a highly effective way to lose weight; it also improves cardiovascular endurance and betters the coordination of our body.

So for all those people out there who are dying to take up an activity which brings you out of your daily routines, brightens up your days and introduces a spring in your step; all while making you and your life healthier; it is time to put on your dancing shoes and take up the fiery dance form we call Salsa!

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