glass painting Details

Glass painting uses a very different surface for the purpose of painting. The glass acts as a base on which the painter inserts pigments to beautify it and create art. The transparent surface allows for a magical feel to the entire art and makes it look delicate and refreshing!

The best part about glass painting is that the glass could be of any shape and size or even be an object that is used by people. It adds to the experience of glass painting and makes it even more exciting and interesting.

There are glass colours available for this art form but acrylic colours can also be used as a substitute though it takes a longer time to dry. The glass needs to be properly cleaned before painted on so as to give the painter a clean surface which doesn`t interfere with the process of painting. Some painters can also trace the painting before beginning to put the colour in so as to confirm the design. However, with practice one can effectively create the painting from the get go without having to trace it first! For the amateurs the best thing to know would be that the mistakes made can easily be removed with the help of a wet cotton or even by carefully using a knife to scrape off the paint.

The greatest aspect about glass painting is that it looks magical and beautiful especially when the sun shines through it. The light so beautifully tracks its way through the painted glass that it gives it all an ethereal look! It makes for an amazing decoration item which can be put up in that part of the house which attracts most light.

Another perspective to glass painting is that of reverse glass painting wherein the painting is done on the back side and then viewed from the front side of the glass. Such variations spike up the interest people have in glass painting and allow for exciting challenges to be undertaken! Everyone who is passionate about painting must try glass painting and celebrate the occasion of creating something beautiful on glass.

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