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Knife Painting is painting done using special painting knives which are designed particularly for this purpose. They are more flexible than normal knives and are tipped and lowered at the top so as to allow movement on the canvas while applying the paint. These painting knives come in various shapes and sizes to suit the varying needs of the painter.

People can easily confuse a painting knife with a palette knife but the difference between the two is in terms of their purpose. A palette knife is only used to mix paint on the palette while then the painting knife is used to spread the paint onto the canvas.

Knife painting is unique and very much used by painters who want to establish prominent textures in their art. Knifes are a great tool to install a lot of texture and patterns in the painting. A lot of effects can be generated using the knives effectively and therefore many painters are comfortable and even prefer using knives to brushes.

The painter must make right decisions in regards to a lot of technicalities such as the canvas used for the painting must be firm, the right knife must be used to generate the right effect, the paint must be thick but not peel of fast, etc. But the process in itself is very fun and engaging. It allows for the painter to make faster movements and create effects which are highly expressive in nature.

This is a very enjoyable way of indulging yourself in the world of painting. It lets you have a lot of fun and is a very different experience that one has normally in their lives. It can bring in a lot of excitement and pep into ones normal routine days and enthrall one to motivate them to continue this journey with knife painting and create magic on canvas! So to all those passionate about painting, it is a must to try out your hand at knife painting and experience a new way which might just prove to be your pursuit away from your daily routine lives!

Famous knife painters are: Titian, Bob Ross, Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Fragonard, Courbet, Nicolas de Stael, and Riopelle.

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