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Sketching is almost everything. It is the painter`s identity, his style, his conviction, and then colour is just a gift to the drawing.
- Fernando Botero

All the artists will realise this statement to be the absolute truth. Sketching might be perceived as merely the beginning of an idea, but what most don`t realise is that this art form creates the very essence of what the art will in the end turn out to be.

Sketching is done with a free-hand and is mainly a tool to record the ideas that prevail in the artists mind, or need to be copied off from the realities in their surroundings. There can be many mediums used to do the same; graphite, pastel, charcoal or even a pencil. However, at the end of the day, sketching represents the birth of a creation.

People relate the word sketching mainly to artists turning out paintings. But there is more to this art form. Almost all creators require this tool to showcase their idea on paper. Architects, fashion designers; everyone who has an idea to create an item requires this skill.

As a hobby, sketching has proven to be a rejuvenator. People who love to sketch can sit for hours without hurrying to check the ticking clocks, and simply submerge themselves in the beauty of capturing a moment, and an idea. The main reason for this might be that in sketching there are no wrong moves. It is the advent of a thought being transformed into reality. And there are a very few technicalities to be considered, which can be easily learnt from practiced artists.

And so, all those who have had the passion to draw and use their fingers to create beauty; who realised their potential as an artist but never followed this dream through, it is time to once again pick up your pencils, and let your imaginations wild! Come learn the nuances of drawing, so that whenever you get the urge to pick up a paper, you will believe in your abilities to create something magical. Because sketching is the essence and the beginning to your artistic creations.

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