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Guitar is a very popular musical instrument all over the world and has amassed a huge base of players. It is basically a string instrument with six strings tied to a hollow wooden piece. These strings are attached to it and are plucked using a pick to produce sound acoustically. Apart from such acoustic guitar, electric guitars are also available which convert these acoustic sounds into signals so as to be played through the amplifier.

A guitar can be played in any capacity. It can be played solo, accompanying your own songs, as a rhythmic instrument or even as a lead instrument. It is a musician`s companion! Anyone who plays the guitar knows that it beautifully completes any singer. It complements everyone and has the power to transform the atmosphere of any room.

The process of learning how to play the guitar is difficult and takes time since it is a new task with very different techniques and methods. However even the process is very satisfying and relieving. It allows you to take out time for something you love and become an expert at it. Since so many people enjoy this activity, while playing the guitar you get the opportunity to meet and interact with various people who are as passionate about music as you are.

Knowing how to play the guitar also means that you get to entertain not only yourself but also play music for your friends and family. You can create the opportunity to liven up anyone`s day and enthral people at get-togethers, parties or even simply while sitting with your family at home. It allows you to bond with people in a way different from ordinary routes and thus actually enjoy quality time with them!

Guitar is capable of creating various sounds and can cater to audiences with different taste such as rock, country, classical etc. Thus it has the capability to entertain and make everyone happy. More importantly, for those passionate about playing the guitar, it makes you happy! So take up this enthralling activity which will not only thrill you but also help you make music that pleases others. After all, happiness is best shared, just like music!

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Vidi Taneja

My guitar galore Travelling down the down of adolescence and puberty, life was always buzzing with some new activity. Recent discovery of music and the rhythm which it followed always fascinated me as a child. Watching old school rock concerts was a bonding time sacred to me and my father. Thrusting me his most precious maroon acoustic guitar studded with graphics adorning its façade, I was introduced to the 6 string marvel when I was 14. A lanky pubescent boy, in contrast to the heaviness my dad’s vintage guitar portrayed. I cleaned the dirt of its surface which had accumulated due to my dad’s negligence. This was his legacy. This guitar. Embellished with curves and polished with a smooth outlook. Wiping away the nostalgia, I soon began mimicking my favorite artists and bands – Green Day, Nirvana, Blink-182. Those were my punk days, filled with rebellion and teenage angst. Now the task at hand was to channelize these emotions in the form of tabs and chords. My fingers bled, my skin got torn off, my thumbs ached. Only to produce tunes straight from my heart. The guitar was heavy, but it was worth all the backache I got carrying it around. Years passed by and I was steadily to improve my tunes and rhythms. I matured to a young adult and my acoustic matured to an electric guitar. Teenage angst got converted into a desolate air of existentialism and I displayed it faithfully with the six strings I played. Following the usual route – Joined a band in college, tried to retain our integrity and remaining true to our roots by not selling out, conflicts between the band members, anger, frustration, eventually leading to complete blackout. Now, I wish I could turn back time and visit my old outlaw self to talk to him, teach him some new chords and wish time stops completely when I shift from one cord to the other. Sweet children.