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Keyboard is a beloved instrument played across the world in various forms. It is available in different styles such as a piano which hammers the strings, a synthesizer which creates sound electronically etc. However the music it produces has enthralled one and all for centuries and only seems to grow in popularity over time!

A keyboard has various keys on its body which are pressed to generate different notes and tunes. The white keys represent the naturals and the black keys are usually the sharp and the flat notes. Music is generated by pressing a combination of these keys and timing their interruptions with other ones. Since there are numerous combinations that can be played, the diaspora of tones and sounds that can be generated are innumerable. Thus it acts as a great tool for creating compositions and bringing out the musicians creativity!

Since it is so popular, it is very easy to come across tutors who teach how to play the keyboard. It is a step by step learning process and only after recognizing all the keys and their tones can one begin the process of composing their own songs. And one can also learn how to play the tunes of their favourite songs and rejoice the familiar music they can generate by themselves.

Keyboards are used in a variety of genres and are compatible with a lot of these genres enabling people with different musical tastes to learn and incorporate this instrument to their own style! It provides a great escape to a world full of melody and creation, and allows one to de-stress and rejuvenate themselves with a rendition which is close to their hearts. Though the techniques can take some time to replicate properly, with practice and dedicated effort, it is an enjoyable challenge to undertake and gives a respite from the daily schedules by instilling a new experience in one`s life!

All the music lovers who want to indulge themselves of enjoying while creating music, keyboard proves to be an enthralling choice which can turn around any stressful situation by introducing heart-warming melody and an engaging experience to your day! So take on the challenge and push those black and white keys, which will prove to be the keys to your heart!

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