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Sitar is a popular music instrument used especially in the Hindi music and Indian classical music and is known to be modified from the Veena, which is an ancient classical instrument. It is highly used instrument in India. However the works of Ravi Shankar introduced it to the western part of the world and by including it in their songs, the Beatles and Rolling stones gave it the push it needed to become a widespread phenomenon.

The technique to holding this instrument is very different. The instrument rests between the player`s left foot and right knee so that the weight of the instrument doesn`t lie on the player and one is free to move his or her hands to play the strings and create music. The sitar can create a combination of sounds though the technique takes time to master.

Sitar is an instrument that if seen by any musician, excites them and makes them want to learn to play the same. That is the very thing which happened when George Harrison saw Ravi Shankar play the Sitar. He learnt how to create music through sitar and then went onto incorporating it into his band, Beatles` music. We can hear the tunes of Sitar in the famous songs `Within You without You`. `Love you too`, and `Norwegian Wood`. Brian Jones, a member of Rolling stones also went onto incorporate sitar in his song `Paint it Black`!

That is the power of Sitar. It has the capability of uniting people of different nations and cultures. It has a unique sound and can captivate an audience of thousands. It has been very influential in introducing the western world to Indian classical music. And this ability is what makes sitar so endearing. Anyone who is interested in learning the ways of playing sitar will be pulled into the world of extraordinary and be gifted the ability to create beautiful music. The sound it generates is almost spiritual and helps one get lost in the world away from worries and confusing thoughts. It creates a blankness which is peaceful and which must be relished forever. So don`t wait any more and indulge yourself in the process of learning how to play Sitar. And consume the music as the music consumes you!

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