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Tabla is an Indian drum which is played with one`s fingers hitting the different parts of the two-paired drums to produce sweet sounds. These two drums are of different sizes and shapes and produce different tones. One acts as the bass while the other plays the part of the treble. The sounds it produces are very pleasing in nature and different from the ones we hear emanating from bongos and western drums.

The two drums are called the Dayan and Bayan where the Dayan is the smaller drum placed to the right of the player and the Bayan is the larger rum which is placed to the left. There are other components to the Tabla which help in tuning the drums properly and creating the most effective sound.

The player sits in a cross-legged position and has to use his palm or the tips of the fingers to strike the various parts of the two drum in order to produce the best combination of vibrations and sounds. The various positions one can hit such as the kinar or the centre produce different tones, some being sweeter and gentler while others being sharper. Thus playing the Tabla is very exciting and engaging and also allows you to create your own combinations so as to make your own music! The `bols` that can be produced range from Dha, Ga, Ka, Ta, Tin or Ti and their combinations gives the unique quality to the sounds generated from the Tabla.

Tabla are relatively light weighing instruments and can be carried around and thus the player can easily carry them along so as to indulge oneself as well as others to the beautiful percussions of Tabla. It is a classic Indian instrument but can be easily combined with other forms of music to bring about a more soulful direction to the song and give it an Indian touch.

Johann Sebastian Bach once said, `It`s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.` Tabla is an amazing instrument and the percussions it creates soothe and enthral one and all! So get ready to learn up the bols and smash out your own beats.

Notable Artists
Pandit Anokhelal Mishra, Ahmed Jan Thirakwa, Ustad Sukhwinder Singh Namdhari (Pinky), Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Zakir Hussain

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