nature photography Details

Nature Photography as the name suggests pertains to capturing the nature around us with the help of a camera. It is one of the most popular forms of photography and photographers have always been keen on taking pictures of the natural beauty. This has made this category of photography highly famous and much looked out for.

The photographs are published in various magazines pertaining to travel, culture and nature and thus have a lot of demand in the market. This has a lot of sub-categories that come under it such as wildlife photography, landscape photography etc. But its main essence is in capturing anything that is a part of the nature and its beauty!

Certain things must be kept in mind when indulging in Nature Photography. The most important thing is the location. Once the photographer finds the perfect location, half of the work is finished. It is important that the location not only be breath-taking but it should also be unique and show the different side of nature. The next concern should be the lighting. Since artificial lighting cannot be used for nature photography, it is important that photographer finds the right time so that the picture can be taken in the best lit setting. So it is important to recognize the potential and the time when the lighting will suit the needs of the photograph. Most importantly, the photographer must realise that the best picture comes out when one is willing to put in dedicated effort as well as enough time to scavenge through the beautiful nature and capture the best moment and the best picture reflecting what nature is truly about.

It is also very important that one tries to understand the nature and the place. Because when one does that it becomes very easy to know what the essence of the place is and what will strike a chord with the audience. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with the nature and travel around in search of the best picture! Get ready and pack up your cameras to go exploring for the nature and its beauty captured in a frame!

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It all started 3 years back when I was doing my graduation in B.S. "You have to join one or the other club", Sahil said.Sahil was my senior at the college and he was asking me to join a club.Actually, my college has a tradition of joining clubs during the orientation.According to the ideology joining clubs help freshers to stay engaged, so they don't miss their friends and relatives back there at home. That time I was in a state of confusion, but I decided to go with photography as it was the best option; others were like gym club, drama club, and debate club which were not my cup of tea. So on Day.1 I along with my 40+ batch mates was given a task to click some pictures across the campus.I started roaming around with my 5 Megapixel Nokia Camera.I started clicking pictures expeditiously so that I can get away with it.The next day we were called to show the clicks to mentor, Rahul."Rahul Bhaiyya has worked for Canon and he has an FB page with 5K followers", a guy near me said.I was pretty amazed by the fact, and I started thinking how will he react on my pictures.When he came across my picture he told me, I was doing great.His words made me more enthusiastic about the thing. As, days passed I became more engrossed with college activities and the club.As the days passed end to the orientation session came near, and there it was "Fresher's Day". During the event, freshers organized several events such as dance, singing, and drama with the support of seniors.During the event, all the clubs were showing what they all did during the orientation.After Drama Club came the Photography Club's event.They were showcasing a few photographs clicked by freshers."What!!!"I was pretty amazed to see my photograph amongst those.Not only this I realized public clapping seeing the picture.After all the club's events, it was time to give away the prizes.And guess what, I was named the "Best photographer". After this event, I embraced photography and started working with senior photographers in the campus. After, my graduation I am planning to do Masters in Photography from Maryland Institute of Art. I would just say "Have some courage and follow your heart".