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Gymnastics is a very spectacular sport embracing strength, agility and flexibility. It combines various aspects of an individual`s capabilities to bring forth a harmonious outcome which is an amazing watch as much as it is an enjoyable performance to indulge in.

Gymnasts require to train very hard and diligently in order to gain the strength and correct skills to manipulate the movement of one`s arms, legs and body effectively and create agile and exciting choreography.

There are various categories of gymnastics that are prevalent all around the world such as artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic, aerobic etc. Depending upon the type of gymnastics one is performing the equipment required is different and ranges from vaults, bars, balance beams or even a matted floor, etc.

Gymnastics lend a lot to one`s health, balance and fitness since it requires one to be on a strict diet and a regular exercise routine. It brings forth a disciplined way of living and refurbishes their lifestyle.

The Olympics is a grand event where gymnastics has gained great popularity and has amassed a huge enthusiastic viewers as well as participants. It has brought forth a great amount of talented individuals who have trained hard for years since a young age and honed their skills to a level of perfection! It has allowed people to become engaged and connected to the sport and thus invest their own time and skills in developing a similar skill set. For the same reason, interested individuals can easily get connected to trainers and other gymnasts or gymnastic enthusiasts all across India. Pune too is filled with different trainers and centres offering classes. Hence it has become a highly visible and attractive sport which is exceptionally empowering and motivational especially for children and the younger audience.

Gymnastics provided one with the opportunity to be passionate about something that is beneficial and interesting to one and all. It has acquired great respect amongst the community and for all the effort required to excel in this sport, the same amount of recognition can be gathered too. So get prepared to balance your body on a beam or tumble across the floor and allow gymnastics to enrich your life!

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