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Basket-Ball is a sport which requires optimum level of energy, enthusiasm and precision. It is a sport which is beloved by all- by those who play as well as by those who watch the game! It basically involves two teams with five players each attempting to retrieve the basket-ball from the opposing team and shooting it through their respective hoops.

The game in itself is very intense and quick in its pace and the players are constantly required to put their best foot forward and be active towards their roles. Because of the fast pace and quick movements, it is a highly engaging sport and Indians love it for the same reasons! This game was first played in our country in the 1930s and despite it not reaching the high levels as the sport has in other parts of the world, it is an active part of most of the student`s lives. And enthusiastic people should be motivated by the fact that in 2015, Satnam Singh Bhamara became the first Indian to be selected in the NBA. This proves that the future of recognition and success in this field in our country is getting brighter by the second!

Basketball, as mentioned, is played in quite a few schools all across our country, and people are getting more and more excited about it. And thus it becomes necessary that such like-minded people get to meet each other and realise their passion for the game together.

It is a highly enriching activity which teaches us about the values of team-work, agility and precision. It also inculcates the habit of pre-planning and strategizing ones moves before taking action. This is one area which we all need to develop in and this sport might just be the way towards this development!

And as easy as this game might look onscreen, it is just as difficult to get it right. But with a well-matched team by your side and the new relationships you form, the task becomes easier and much more fun! After all, at the end of the day all we need is the opportunity to share our dreams with similar people and take a sweet detour from our routines. And basketball might just be the sport to indulge in to satisfy this craving of yours!

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