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Boxing, to a lay-man, is a sport which comprises of two people in the boxing ring, throwing punches at each other. However, anyone who has participated in this competitive activity will know that it is more than just jabbing at one another. It is a game which mentally stimulates you, physically strengthens you, and prepares you for the punches that life will throw at you at some point or another.

There are more than just a few reasons why boxing can be one of the best hobbies to indulge in, and here are some listed out to get you interested!
- It is an activity that stimulates your mind. A boxer doesn`t randomly move around the ring and swing his or her hand without any plan. There are various considerations that they look into. Various attacks and counterattacks that they process in their brain. And ultimately it is all about how quick one is, not only on their feet, but also in their dexterity of their mind.
- Boxing also prepares your body to become a stronger, healthier and a fitter version. In today`s time when everyone is obsessed with becoming healthier, as they should be, it has become very important that everyone has some sort of physically stimulating activity to turn to. Boxing proves to be a very good sport to do so. It not only strengthens your body, but also helps in building coordination and maintaining its flow and rhythm.
- It is a sport which builds character in a person and inculcates values that takes them to higher grounds. It teaches you that defeat is never in falling down. Defeat only becomes true when you let it become permanent and refuse to get back up and continue with the game; and life is just another game we all play.
- Boxing teaches you that pushing aside the desires of your impulsive motivations are healthy for you. Because the moment one gets punched inside the ring, the instantaneous reaction is to punch back. However, as a boxer you have to overcome this temptation and instead look past such impulsivity to grow and tackle the problem effectively. And we all must learn this very valuable lesson that boxing teaches us.

The likes of Mary Kom, Vijender Singh, Muhummad Ali Qamar and many such talented individuals have made our nation proud by excelling in the field of boxing. They have become treasures of the country. And looking at them, we all strive for excellence in our own lives, in our own ways. So, to all those enthusiasts who wish to partake in this activity and grow in body, mind and soul; come put on your gloves and get ready to venture out into the world of Boxing!

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Anujkumar Singh

I am an international Indian professional boxer

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