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The most popular sport in the world with 250 million people playing it each and every day all across our planet is football. This game has made famous many a talented players and has become a sport which has the potential to bring together strangers for the same purpose, kicking the ball through the net!

The sport basically comprises of two teams, each consisting of eleven players, chasing and passing over the ball to each other in order to stop the opposing team from kicking the ball through the net which is being guarded by the goalie, while simultaneously attempting to score a goal themselves.

It is a highly competitive game with enthusiastic supporters cheering their favourite team throughout the 90 minute duration! However, it is not just about winning or losing. This sport, much like other sports, builds the character of every participant by inculcating the sense of sportsmanship, team-spirit, and a well-functioning coordination with other team players. Because it is a sport so thoroughly dependant on the performance of every single individual acting as one system and towards the same motivation, it becomes extremely important for every team member to overthrow their own personal motives and instead look for the betterment of the entire team.

And it is very much evident that the most loved teams are not always the ones which comprise of a successful and famous player, but are instead those which work together towards winning. And in the process even if they lose a few matches, these teams never accept defeat.

Football is highly influential in nurturing the mentioned aspects in any individual. And thus it proves to be a highly engaging activity. Apart from inculcating these lessons, it also provides them with the opportunity to mingle with other people, form new bonds and relationships, and also nurture their dreams and passions. And no one can deny the health benefits one can attain if they participate effectively in this sport.

So all those who follow this sport, sitting on their couches and staring at the games being played on their television, it is time for you to march up to the field and chase the ball yourself. After all, all the fun is in the chase. And who knows, you might just end up scoring a goal!

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Yashas Cariappa

Football is very different unlike other sports which build an individual mentally and physically both. My passion towards football started at the age of 12 by watching an legend play, "Steven Gerrard" since then have been a loyal supporter just like the legend and his loyalty. I have witnessed generation change in football, but one motto remains the same "score one goal more than the opponent" i.e survival of the fittest. I have believed in that throughout and feel football is not just a game, its an emotion.

Swagata Chatterjee

It all started when I was in standard four. It was the first time I started watching football with my papa. FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 had a great influence on me. Nothing to say about bengalis that they are worshipers of football and thus my whole kin sat together to watch the FIFA matches then. My papa was a football player too in his college days. So he started telling me about the positions, the rules and regulations about this beautiful game. That was the first time I saw Lionel Messi and I was mesmerised watching him play. That's when I fell in love with football. Then came the OLYMPICS of 2008. Again Messi bewitched me by his exceptional talent in this game. Since 2008, I started playing football in my school with my fellow classmates. Gradually I became more obsessed with football. I started watching the English Premier League, Bundesliga and LA LIGA. And there’s a story behind watching club matches too. My group in school with whom I played football consisted of boys. They used to discuss about the club matches during the tiffin breaks and even after school was over. I had to stay quiet and could not participate in the conversations. I felt left out and thus decided to watch the club matches. Ever since then I became a huge fan of Football Club Barcelona from Spain, Bayern Munich from Germany and Arsenal from England. But the problem arises during Champions League as Arsenal and Bayern Munich faces each other at knockout matches. It becomes quite tough for me to watch when either of the teams gets eliminated from the tournament. Well now I am an undergraduate student and I no more get the opportunity of playing football in my university due to various strains. But still my enthusiasm about football has not lessened by any degree. But whenever I come home during the vacations, I do replenish myself by playing again with my old team mates.

Mehul Sethia

Since I was five years old, I have been playing the game of football. I believe that football is not just a ball game, but also a game about life. When I am not on the field, I enjoy watching other little kids play the game. They play without fear, reason and with a huge grin on their face. As I’ve grown into the real world, I have begun to see more ties between life and football. As I look down the line, I see everyone dripping sweat; I see the pain on each players face. The coach blows the whistle and everyone takes off to sprint to the other end of the field. When things get hard, like what we experience in our workouts, there is no giving up. If we give up and quit now, it will happen in the game. Then, we have lost, failed, and been defeated. This applies to the real world as well. If you lose your job, you have to go out and find a new one because somebody has to pay the bills. You can’t quit because you will end with nothing and be defeated. Work isn’t always fun and it can be extremely hard. Whether it’s holding up the state championship or getting a promotion hard work reaps many rewards. To be successful in football, you need to come together and be a team. You can’t run if someone doesn’t block, you can’t pass if there is nobody to throw to, and you can’t win if there is no team. We all have to work together no matter what our differences may be. This teamwork can be applied the exact same way to your career. You will need to rely on co-workers to do their part while you do yours, coming together to get the job done. Now, you and your partner, have faith in each other, this faith will continue to do great things. Through all the blood, sweat, and tears you and your teammates have gone through; you now have a strong friendship that could last a lifetime. The both of you have instilled trust in each other, and know he will do anything for you, and you would do the same for him. As you grow into adulthood, you will meet new people, find out their personalities and build a friendship. Football gets a lot of attention, for the stars and the teams, but in my eyes it’s more than that. I see life lessons that are there for us to learn and prepare us for the real world. Football is all about building and relying on relationships with others. Football has been and continues to be a stepping-stone in the game of life. I’m just one step closer!

Mridul Agarwal

Everyone has an idol, and so do I. It all started when I was fifteen. My friends told me to watch football videos as this was the only game they usually like to play. So I did the same and ended up watching a video of football tricks. While I was scrolling, I came across a video named "Messi football skills", at first I thought that there will be a man who will be all messed up, means some kind of funny video, but when I watched the whole of it, I was like, this man is out of the world, I mean seriously he was too good at his foot skills. It was so fascinating and mesmerizing that i started playing Football after that. I was so curious that i wanted to know everything about it. Ever since then I became a huge fan of Messi. Life gives us so many experiences but this was the best. Honestly speaking, Football is more than a game. A game between two best teams is always breathtaking, but when it is against your rivals, the enthusiasm is far beyond your imagination. Barcelona is my favorite team, and one of the best clubs in the world. It is a game of coordination and cooperation of team mates rather than an individual performance. I practice playing this game 1 hour with my friends everyday. It was an amazing feeling when i was in my school football team, scored many goals as a striker and now I am in my college football team. I do freestyle and dribbling. The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.

Ashwin Kv

This story just came up on my mind randomly and I felt it would be great sharing it on Hobpoint. The stage is set, excitement fills in the air, the curtain rises and “The award for the best footballer of the year goes to Sam........” The awakening from an afternoon nap has never been this heartbreaking as Samuel failed to collect his footballer of the year award for a record fifth time. The dream has been frustrating him for the past few weeks as he somehow fails to reach the award before his eyes are wide open. But this time it was different he clearly heard the first few syllables of his name before reality struck and that has never happened before. Well that is what football does to you it makes you dream and sometimes it makes you dream to the extent that a conscious mind is uncomprehending in the face of that dream. The journey to football super stardom for Sam began with a dream, during his younger years his father took him to a local football game where he was asked to fill in for a missing player. As expected his game was atrocious and ended up badly injuring himself. That was the worst night of his life, the pain was excruciating but even worse was the embarrassment of what had happened earlier. That night he dreamt of the football awards ceremony Zurich and when the footballer of the year was about to be handed out his sleep faded and he ran. He ran to his father and begged him to make him a footballer but being born to a poor family they had minimal resources to afford his football education. But his father agreed to putting him in an academy to further his football knowledge. The next week he had the same dream and it became a regular part of his life until one day he was about to receive his award but his eyes were wide open again. The second part of his journey was the pain. Once he was enrolled in the academy he got a taste of the hard life. He realized he was not half as talented as the other guys but also they made fun his playing style. Things weren't just as bad but one night he found all his belongings to be either stolen or destroyed. He was left broken and he ran back home crying to his father. He said he couldn't do it that he was done with life over there. That is when his father gave him the best advice he ever received in his life, he says “you set out on a path which rewards only the best of the best and before making that choice you had a dream where you heard the first few syllables of your name now go out there and complete it and make it a reality”. Next day onwards he gave his very best at practice and soon realized his efforts were paying off. The final stage of his journey was the realization. The scene fades to the footballer of the year awards gala in Zurich,. Almost all of the footballing royalties are here under one roof along with a multitude of world media. The stage is set, excitement fills in the air, the curtain rises and “The award for the best footballer of the year goes to Sam........”, the dream kept playing on repeat in Sam's mind but this time it was not a dream it was real. He could feel a sense of achievement as the announcer called out “Samuel Bolton”. He was being awarded the footballer of the year award for a record fifth time and tears rolled down his eyes when he looked up to the heaven and thanked his father for that one day. When all his dreams came crumbling down his father made him dream again and here he was with everything by his side but the man responsible for all of it. - Ashwin KV

Akash Talukdar

Well, I have lots of hobbies but my favourite hobbie is playing football, football is a great game thats helps you to grow mentally as well as physically, It also played wolrd wide. There is a tournament held in my school & there was a unbelivable match happend that was my 1st attraction toward football & when I played 1st time there was inbuid zest came out of me and after then it was my target to play in our school tourment from then till now my favourite sport game or you also can say it's my one of favourite hobbie of all time. Even then I didn't stop I also participate in my collage tourments & also won a silver medal for the best captain of the team.Football taught me how to live life, It taught me even there is a goalkeeper there is a still chance to score a goal it doesn't matter how many difficulties are there if there is a strong will you definitely pass through it , This game taught me ''work hard untill you beat yourself".


I have a lot of hobbies, but playing football is one of my favourite hobby. I always wanted to play football since birth, I used to watch for FIFA and used to get inspired by Ronaldo, I want to become like him and represent my country. I hope to accomplish my dream one day. for this I will definitely work hard everyday.