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Hockey is a very important sport of our country and is characterized by two teams of 11 players each using the hockey stick to propel a ball into the opponent`s goal.

India has a prolific history in this field of sports with the country`s team being awarded 6 Olympic gold medals from the year 1928 to 1956; during this duration, the Indian hockey team remained undefeated. The national women`s hockey team also won gold during the 2002 Commonwealth Games, 2003 Afro-Asian Games and then again in 2004 at the Hockey Asia Cup. Such victories have made this sport a highly beloved one and though it doesn`t have as many followers as other sports do in India, we all feel pride and delight at the sight of our Hockey Team!

The film, `Chak de` lead to many Indians recognizing the achievements of the talented hockey players in our country and since then many enthusiastic players have cropped up all over India! It is a game which requires excellent co-ordination, team-work, and quick reflexes in order to succeed.

Enthusiastic players and interested newcomers realize that it is a game which builds the personality of an individual by teaching them sportsmanship and team- work and also provides them a healthy route towards relaxation. Though hockey requires physical activity, it revives your body and energises you as a person. This in turn leads to a better functioning brain which is able to cope with high levels of stress.

Though there are various intricacies attached to the sport and its rules, the spirit of the game lies in working with the other 11 team mates. This provides an interesting opportunity to develop new relationships and enrich your life with the presence of enthusiastic and similar people.

Hockey as a game is highly interesting and all those who wish to be participants and contributors to this game are in for a treat. Because this experience will surely leave you breathless, both physically and figuratively! And each time you drive the ball into the goal, your worries will become smaller and smaller till the time they finally disappear!

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