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Table -Tennis, more informally known as Ping-Pong, is a sport that is amassing great followers all across India, especially in Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. It is a challenging game which requires participants to be quick on their feet and react at a lightning fast speed in order to keep the ball rolling.

The simple rules of this game are that the two players, or the two teams with two players on either side, have to hit the light-weight ball across to the other side, which is separated by a net in the middle of the rectangular table. The ball must hit the other side at least once before the opposing team hits it back, abiding by the same rules. When these rules aren`t met, the team which couldn`t uphold them loses. Though the rule is simple, the game is highly complex since it requires great amount of coordination, dexterity and quick reaction time!

Table-Tennis is a very popular sport, more so because of being a great way of socialising than any of the other reasons. People love to play this game because it can be played at any time and place; all you need are the paddles, a ping-pong ball and table-tennis table. This allows for individuals to bond with other people and share a fun time relaxing with one another. It is not physically taxing and thus lets you recuperate and simply enjoy!

It is a great sport to pick up, especially since so many people are getting interested and involved in it. This sport can be seen being set up in various hang-out joints, and other social places in order to create an ambience of joy and entertainment. It is after all a great source for bringing people together, motivating interactions, building healthy competition and livening up the mood!

Ping-Pong also proves to be very addictive and once you start playing, it is difficult to let go of the paddle. But this just means you have more time to perfect your game! And as the ping-pong ball pings and pongs on the table, you will realise that it is the perfect activity to make into your hobby! And you will always find the much needed respite from all your worries. It is time to pick up your paddles, and make every ball count!

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