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Tennis is a world-famous sport played at all levels and by all categories of age groups. It requires a whole lot of stamina, loads of skill and lots more of perseverance to excel at. Only a few are able to make a living out of this sport. However, that doesn`t mean that all cannot enjoy it and make it their hobby!

The British brought this sport with them to India in the 1880s and soon there were tournaments being played all over the country, starting with the Punjab Lawn Tennis Championship in the 1885 leading up to the All India Tennis Championship held in 1910. However, only in 1939 did the first Indian reach the quarterfinals at Wimbledon-`Ghaus Mohammad`

Since then we have come a long way with 17 Grand Slam titles in the category of Mixed Doubles, 9 in Men`s doubles and 1 in Women`s doubles by our side. The geniuses of this field in our country are Saniya Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi and many more upcoming professionals inching towards glory and recognition. Such figures have made Tennis a highly recognizable and lovable sport in our country with it being enjoyed by numerous people in clubs all across! Youngsters are beginning to opt to learn this sport over other renowned ones because they recognise it as the activity to engage in!

Tennis can be played in singles or in doubles with two players on either sides. It is great to improve one`s health as it builds your stamina, and makes you a fitter person. It also improves coordination and requires you to be pro-active and quick on your feet! It also proves to be a very social activity since you get to meet people who are as enthusiastic about the sport as you and thus develop a relationship beyond the bounds of your family and office. Thus it proves to be a great opportunity to develop your personality and your lifestyle in a holistic manner.

All those who are interested in this sport and aspire to play it as a way to relieve yourself of your worries and de-stress, it is time to treat yourselves with this sport and get prepared to lose yourselves in the world of Tennis!

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