Hobbies are like the sweet dessert that we devour at the end of a meal. As much as we all enjoy the dishes life serves us, we all secretly wait for that passionate moment in which we can indulge in something refreshing, close to our hearts.

In today's time, everybody is so involved in their routine schedules that they barely have any time for themselves. The monotony, hum-drum and repetitiveness of days spent working and following the same pattern can stress all of us out and push our mind to a cul-de-sac; where eventually it stops functioning to its full potential. Therefore it is of utmost importance that everyone has that one emergency break, that one hobby, which gives us a breather and rejuvenates our body and mind.

This is where Hobpoint comes into the picture. It has been founded by a team of Chartered Accountants, who realise the prominence that hobbies play in our lives; to help one unwind and realise their hidden potential. Because, despite of coming from their own distinguished and esteemed professions, they understand that at the end of the day, getting to indulge in an activity that is close to your heart brings you back to yourself and is the ultimate source of happiness. And so, we at Hobpoint desire to assist those individuals who are trying to find and fulfil their calling!

We understand that it is not easy to take up a new hobby, plan out the carryings effectively, or even to meet people with similar passions. It is harder still to find mentors who are trustworthy of our time and attention. And we aim at helping you with all these problems, by guiding you through the process of selecting a project, till the very stage of connecting you to mentors and experts who can develop your hidden aspirations.

That's not just it! Hobpoint will also enable you to socialise and bond with like-minded people, with similar interests and hobbies. We understand how important it is to be able to open up about your passions and communicate in a forum where your interests are shared and understood. And that's why we create the perfect scenario where you will be connected to experts and newcomers alike, who have the same insane hobby as you do!

You can follow hobbies and mentors on the website to get the latest updates on all the events, stories and relevant details pertaining to your interests. That's not it! To share your own experience and inspire other interested hobby seekers, you can submit your unique story which will help motivate others to follow their own dreams!

As was said by Ovid, "In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are." Therefore we are here to help you find the perfect hobby which defines you as a person and rekindles the fire and joy in your heart. Because at the end of the day, that's what Hobpoint is all about. Connecting you to your Hobbies!