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BHARAT RAWAL a Fine Artist, Sculptor and self-taught Architect from Pune. Graduated from the J.J School of Art Mumbai. A well-known Mural Artist who has been in this field for more than 30 years. Bharat Rawal an institute himself has been teaching this innovative self-developed Art form for the last 30 years. No Institute, Art School or University in India has this subject in their syllabus so the Master himself has been travelling all around India and Abroad to teach students, Artists, Designers, and Creative Professionals from various fields. Hobby artists, Home makers, and also Non Artists are also a part of the learning process.
Started his career as a Craft Designer, designing many innovative Hobby Craft Ideas and training thousands of students all over India. Introduced for the first time in India the innovative Resin Craft Ideas with self developed Resin Clay in 1985. Introduced the 3D Ceramic Art Type in 1985. After which the term Ceramic Art has been popular all over India and thousands of Artists and Craft people have mastered this technique and doing successful business.
Along with the Craft creations also developed and mastered the techniques of Fibre Glass Designing in 1990 and started his career as a Sculptor and Designer creating Artefacts for Interiors and Landscape which included many prestigious installations and exhibitions all over India. Specialized and mastered the techniques of Waterscape Designing, creating water bodies and waterscapes. Designed prestigious Fountains, Interiors and Landscapes in many Residential and Commercial premises. Also has to his credit the biggest elliptical fiberglass Dome Designed and Manufactured for the First time in India. Has Designed many prestigious, Sculptures and Traffic Islands all over India. Exhibited artworks in many prestigious exhibitions all over India.
Bharat Rawal also founded the School of Fine Arts and Interior Design in Pune in 2002 training students in Fine Arts and Interior Design. All the students trained at the School are now working as successful professionals in various fields.
Along with all these activities as a Artist, Sculptor and a self-taught Architect, teaching being a passion, trained thousands of students all over India through workshops, and special Courses in Mural Designing, Fibre Glass Moulding, Glass Designing, Clay Modeling, Stone Carving and various other Craft techniques. Many students trained under the guidance of Bharat Rawal are today successful professionals in the Art field and engaged in training and commercial projects.
With all this collective experience of more than 25 years Bharat Rawal is training the upcoming youth and housewives to learn the self developed techniques of 3D Mural Art through workshops. It is a great opportunity for students to master this technique under the guidance and supervision of the Master himself.

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