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Boxing is a very personal experience and also a powerful interpersonal one. People often think that boxers are aggressive, but I have never been an aggressive person. I am not an aggressive person at all, but to grow up, you have to learn to stick up for yourself, and it`s always been in my blood.
I started boxing in 1978 when I was 11 years old. Boxing takes extraordinary effort. Everything is hard work, you have to be mentally strong to stay fit, and to go through the pain barriers to get there, so I wouldn`t say that there`s any effortless part about it even at a young age.
At the age of 17, I won gold medal in Asian championship in Nepal in 1985 for which I had to train twice a day, 6 days a week. I didn`t get much time for myself.
As the Olympics approached, I was hell-bent on making it in the squad. I started questioning `Have I done enough? Am I fit enough? Did I work hard enough? Am I ready for this?`
My coach Mr. Madan Sharma, a `Shiv Chhatrapati` awardee, used to tell me, Living the life of a boxer comes down to keeping yourself in peak condition all the time. And as a culmination of his efforts, in 1988, I represented India in Olympics.
I have won national championships from 1988-91. In the tenure from 1985-91 I participated in 15 international matches whereby I won 5 gold and one silver medal. I received Arjuna Award in 1994.I started coaching in 2005 through my club called “Manoj Pingale Sports Academy.”
My idol Muhammad Ali often said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” You have 150 or 200 people there, your own supporters there and everyone is cheering you on, you know you have got good support, everyone is behind you, it`s just, it gives you a really nice feeling, just feel good about yourself. I box for that feeling!

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Testimonial ( 4 )

Vishal Naidu on 14-Feb-2017

Sir has been a great inspiration to us. His dream to win in Olympics is what we are looking forward to achieve. He has been a great help financially and also technically in teaching boxing. He makes sure that we know all different types of techniques in attack & counter attack. His experience helps us a lot to learn or participate at different levels of competition.

Aashitosh Khomane on 14-Feb-2017

Manoj Sir is our inspiration. I look upon him as a superior personality and also try to be like him. He guides us with a calm mind and he makes sure that all our problems are sorted out. He gives demos and sometimes takes spyring session to improve our skills. He`s a very helpful person. Also helps us financially if needed. We are looking forward to fulfilling his efforts in 2020 Olympics.

Karishma Mankar on 14-Feb-2017

Manoj Sir is strict in his training and makes sure that players come regularly for the training. He doesn`t like players who just turn up for training when matches are there. He gives special attention to each and every student and plans for their participation in different competitions. His mantra is to never give up. Even if you have had 4 bouts which weren`t your best, you still have to give your best in the last bout. His technique of split training helps a lot in building stamina.

Abhilasha Kshatriya on 14-Feb-2017

Just 6 to 8 months ago I have joined Manoj Pingale Boxing Academy. I have realised that Manoj Sir`s dedication & passion for boxing makes him different. His teachings help us a lot in the ring. The most important thing about him is that he never gives up on his student, instead he is the one whom you will always find standing behind both in triumph & losses. I`m proud to be Manoj Sir`s student.

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