My dream of entrepreneurship started after I decided to quit my 9 to 5 data processing job in a corporate company. I had realized that all the years which I had spent in the organization was of no use to me since I was always more inclined artistically. I was basically working 9 to 10 hours everyday doing something which really did not make much sense to me. It was finally when I decided to over come the fear of quitting my well paying job and taking a leap of faith.
Though the journey of entrepreneurship has been tough, but it has been more like an adventurous roller coaster ride.
My name is Syed Hamza Ali and I am the founder and owner of LATERAL School of Creative Learning, and INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute & Studio.
I now conduct dance, choreography, arts and painting, acting and drama workshops, and events in various international schools and organizations, including our very own LATERAL School.
At INKSCOOL Tattoo Institute, we are focused more on training people into becoming professional tattoo artists through regular tattoo classes, observation sessions, practice sessions, theoretical knowledge, business management sessions and much more.
Having said all that, I would finally like to tell you all, that realizing my dreams and pursuing my passion was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now every day is a new challenge, a new adventure full of new excitements. I had a dream and I followed my heart, and now I finally feel that taking the leap of faith was all worth it.

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