Manoj Chavan

Tabla | Djembe |

My motto is to promote Indian classical music. Me and my team have also been organizing monthly musical events to spread awareness of Indian Classical Music. These are free of cost and are open to all.
My way of teaching is the traditional way of teaching. This form of teaching helps in setting the right basics in playing tabla which is very essential when the students perform at different level or go to a new guru for further learning. I have been teaching for the past 12 years.
Tabla needs a lot of determination and daily practice. To help parents also understand the determination required to learn table, I allow them to attend the kids practice session. This generates interest in them & they are also aware of their kids progress.
I have completed MA in Music from Pune University.
My idealogy has always been learn the best from my guru and pass on the same to students
Students should be atleast 5 years of age to start learning tabla.
I’m currently teaching at Vibgyor School.

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