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Arun Bhardwaj being a male belly dancer has started his own company with the name Indian Tribal School which focuses on exact lessons of belly dance. This school is there in Pune for last 3 years and has got many students who are learning belly dance and is enjoying to perform at various places.
The main motive of the school is to spread more knowledge about belly dance and its community
Gathering knowledge from all over the world and from various different artist and their tricks and trade over the years Arun is being considered one of the finest Tribal Fusion Male belly dance artist in India.
Arun is India`s 1st Tribal Fusion Male Belly Dancer.He started his career in belly dancing at the age of 16 years . He has lots of experience of belly dancing as he has learnt it professionally and is doing since 8 years. He has learnt it from Banjara Shool of dance and also did many workshops from international artists. He is India`s one an only male Belly dancer who is leading with this kind of dance style. He teaches American Tribal Style(ATS), Improvisational techniques
(IT`s) and other styles of Bellydancing as well like Egyptian
Classical, Dynamic Drum Solo`s, Tribal fusion, Fluid tribal Style & to
name a few such as jazz, mordern ballet, odissi among others. Along with this Arun has also been an active part of many festivals such as
#Kathak Fest In Symbiosis
#HIDC ( Hyederabad International Dance Congress)
# Hip Nosis ( International Belly Dance Festival Banglore)
# Bwitch - Internation Belly Dance Fusion Festival ( As Master Teacher March 2015)
#Belly Dance Boothcamp (Also As Master Teacher October 2015) #Bombay Fest 2016
#Bellysima Bellydance festival, Delhi 2016(As a Master Teacher)
# Goa Tribal Fest 2015
#GIDC (Goa International Dance Congress 2016)

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