For an artist everything around him is a creative world. My style of drawing is using a ball point pen to make intricate patterns that form a bigger picture. My belief is everyone has to achieve perfection in whatever they do. And that is the philosophy of `POWER OF POINT`.
I have done my graduation in art for JJ School of Arts.
Since we were interested in teaching, we started our institute for teaching art and opened VCW academy 18 years ago. At VCW academy, we make sure that the ambience is clean, green & good. We have lots of trees, place, study material. There is option to take classes either indoor or outdoor. Kids need the freeness for their expression and we are providing the kind of atmosphere where they are comfortable & free at expressing themselves.
An artist can`t be made. It`s either there within you or it`s not there. We at VCW academy are trying to refine the skills of children, show them different paths, and guide them in the right direction.
Besides, painting and teaching art, I`m also very fond of cooking. Cooking is also a different kind of art which I enjoy.

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