I knew I had a dancer in me since I was a kid and I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old. I specialize in Salsa, Jive, Ballet, Tab as well Bollywood dance forms.
I never had any professional training in any dance form and most of what I’ve learned have all been self-taught. It’s the passion in me that has driven me to learn and pursue dance. My journey as an instructor started back in 2001 when I had volunteered to teach dance to a few kids for in my society for a function. The response from the kids and their parents was very over-whelming. I realized, the efforts that I took to learn dance could have been less and I would probably have had more time to explore more if I had someone to guide me. This inspired me to teach dance and spread the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. I’ve been teaching dance since then to people from every age group and I feel content every day knowing I’ve helped someone achieve their goal. Currently, I am a professional dance instructor at ABS Gym, & tot-a- robics teacher at Primrose School and I still continue teaching dance at my home.

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