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I am a professional boxer and have been able to reach this position because of my perseverance, passion and love for boxing. My journey was not a smooth sail but I believe in never giving up and have learnt that though we all may have to face many challenges, giving our 100% to our dreams and passions always leads to success.
I was introduced to this sport at an early age when I accidently saw people boxing in the boxing club. The sport intrigued me and I began to save up to join the club. Once I started I knew that I had found the true passion of my life. I was determined to grow in this field and have since then religiously worked towards it, overcoming various types of challenges, be it monetary, physical, or even related to the opportunities available to me.
This dedication was first realised when I first participated in various District Level Boxing from 1998 and was runner-up and champion in many tournaments. I won two Gold medals in AK Mishra Boxing Championship for the years 2003 and 2004 and a National Super-Cup Gold in 2011.These achievements only further motivated me to keep working towards my goals and realise my dreams.
Not everybody gets to make their dreams into a reality, and I believe a positive outlook, and my continued and focussed determination allowed me to get into the World Series Boxing in 2012. This period marked a turning point in my life and propelled me towards varying arenas. In 2015 I won the silver medal at the National Level for boxing for which I followed a rigorous training schedule.
In 2016, again I got the opportunity to prove my passion by participating in IBC. Since then, there has been no turning back.
But apart from all the recognition and success that boxing has made me garner, it has also taught me very important lessons about being humble, strong willed and to look at each challenge as an opportunity. Boxing introduced me to people from different statures, but has made me realize that the greatest achievement is humility and the greatest reward is in being human!
At the age of 32, I continue to pursue my ambition and more importantly my passion, i.e. boxing and aim to overcome all the obstacles and power through them to live my dreams day in and day out!

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