Living Bridge is a platform that aims to bring talent and training on an even keel. In other words, if you have the talent, we will ensure it gets the training and mentorship it deserves—by putting you in touch with top of the line professionals from assorted professions, including acting, film-making, script-writing, creative and feature writing, photography and theatre, amongst others.

Simply put, passion will not suffer for either paucity of time and money. Our workshop modules cover both intensive and extensive ground, taking you through various nuances of that particular subject in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

All our workshops are a fun mix of the conventional and the creative, the modern and the traditional, the educational and the experimental—all the better to cater to learners of assorted hues in the backdrop of an increasingly competitive global platform.
Our faculty consists of highly regarded professionals who specialize in their respective fields and with a rich experience in teaching at renowned institutes.

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